Secrets and Lies, by Bruce Schneier

Secrets and Lies, by Bruce Schneier.

Fantastic book. This is one that I’ll probably hand over, recommend, talk about to all those involved in programming that I know. Even to those who are not involved in computer programming, but may find the cool blend of technical and non-technical stuff that make this book interesting, enlightening, and intriguing :)

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5 Responses to Secrets and Lies, by Bruce Schneier

  1. mperedim says:

    Just remember, I am the next in line for that ;-)

  2. atma says:

    I’ll put that in queue :-) Does it requeire advance knowledge of programming languages?

  3. keramida says:

    Nope. That’s the good thing about this book. Mr. Schneier has accomplished a major feat, i.e. to present security in a very understandable way — one that can be easily grasped and appreciated even by people who have no computer-programming experience at all.

  4. atma says:

    Nice, thank you. I’ll buy it through amazon asap.

  5. sbosx says:

    Thanks George… I just bought it…! :P

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