Free Wireless in Mountain View, by Google

As some of you know, I am currently employed as a programmer at the European Development Center of Bytemobile, a company whose HQ is in Mountain View, CA.

Earlier this week, I found out that Google has now started its free wireless program in Mountain View.

This is excellent news!

Now, whenever I am at MV, carrying around a laptop most of the day (as I usualy do) will not seem so meaningless when I’m out of the office.

Of course, this is a very tricky thing too, since the temptation to be online & work for a much larger time will be much larger now (as opposed to, say, browsing the books of “Alpine Books”, “Book Buyers” or “Eastwest Bookstore” at Castro street). Let’s hope I can resist the temptation long enough to find cool books about cooking at BB, like the last time I was there, this March :-)

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2 Responses to Free Wireless in Mountain View, by Google

  1. atma says:

    A computer without an internet connection can do only a few things, maybe more than a “few” for a programmer.. A computer with an internet connection can do almost everything, it’s the best way to loose your free time without taking notice! :-P
    Lucky guy, I’m a bit jelous.. I am still looking for RJ-11 cables to get on line :-(

    lame lame lame!!!

  2. keramida says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t *live* in Mountain View, but thanks for calling me a “lucky guy” :)

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