1, 2, 3, … go!

Let’s see. I tried blogger for a while, but it’s editor is not quite to my taste. Hopefully, wordpress, which I have grown to like a lot will work much much better :-)

“Hello world (again)”


6 thoughts on “1, 2, 3, … go!

  1. atma

    Oh jesus you are such a fashion-victim! You switch all the time!
    Hope the best for this blog.
    bye :-)

    ps. ever thought of switching from freebsd to linux? (hohoho yeah yeah, just joking.. don’t ruin your day numbering the reasons you won’t ;) )

  2. Mourning Blade

    ώστε εδώ κρύβεσαι πουλάκι μου!!!! ωραίο πρώτο ποστ!!! τέλειο πρώτο ποστ!Για κάτι τέτοια (και για κάτι άλλα) σε λατρεύω!

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