Do You Windows?

It’s interesting how many posts on Bruce Schneier’s blog can be applied to the sorry state Microsoft Windows has been since day zero.

I was just reading “New Directions in Malware” and I couldn’t help thinking:

“It was about time running insecure, virus-riddled, crappy systems started costing real money. I feel sorry about people who may find themselves victims of blackmailing bastards, but maybe this turns out to be a very good motive for people to stop using Redmond crap”

I’m not sure how good or bad the news are, but it’s certainly a bit scary.


2 thoughts on “Do You Windows?

  1. atma

    Switching because a criminal is blackmailing you is not acceptable nor possible, imho. I’m sure people will begin to use software more carefully instead of switching, which makes perfectly sense. Use encryption like bcrypt in order to keep your data safe, use a regularly updated windows machine, with an updated antivirus and probably start choosing your applications like using a real browser instead of crap to start.
    Bruce is kinda paranoid :^)

  2. keramida Post author

    It may not be very acceptable for some people. I agree that losing one’s data because a virus writer is having lots of fun laughing out their ass on the phone, is *not* a good thing. But I’d be glad if people started looking at alternatives because even this is now possible.

    I also agree that Bruce is a bit paranoid. I don’t believe that making Windows “secure” is something that can ever be done though. So using Firefox is only a very thing cover of the tip of the iceberg.

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