Somtow’s “Moon Dance”

Last night, I finished reading Somtow‘s “Moon Dance“, translated to Greek by Sandi Stathopoulou (published by “Oxy Publications“.

The book description at Amazon was:

Tells the multigenerational saga of the Lykanthropenverein – a society of decadent Eastern European werewolves who, fleeing the persecution of their native Austro-Hungary, emigrate to the American West at the height of the Dakota gold rush and the Indian wars. The author wrote “Vampire Junction”.

It sounded much more interesting than what the book eventually turned out to be. The book is (naturally for a werewolf story) full of blood-lusting scenes of murder, a plot that spans two continents and several generations, but it eventually turns out to be just a nice try at creating a sense of mystery, fear and brooding non-sense over parts of the North American lands. The wickedness and evil that flows through the pages, first in a slow, ghastly way, then with an almost brilliant climax of intertwined stories & different ages, finally ends quite unexpectedly; without any sort of catharsis for the tormented people, whose lives are scattered, destroyed in many different ways, left without meaning and devoid of all sense in the various stages of the story.

I sort of enjoyed the story, at times, but it left a very dull, totally unsatisfactory aftertaste here. I’ll think twice before re-reading this one later on.


2 thoughts on “Somtow’s “Moon Dance”

  1. atma

    You usually re-read books? :-P I ask you because I saw on your latest post in Greek that you would like to re-read the trilogy you just finished in English.

  2. keramida Post author

    Yes, I very often do. One of the disadvantages of being a “fast reader” is that I may miss some subtle details during the first pass. This is why, for books I like, there is always at least a second pass :-)

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