editors/emacs-devel updated to 2006.

I had initially hoped to be able to update the editors/emacs-devel port weekly, when I grabbed maintainership in April 2006. It’s been a while now, and it proved a bit more difficult than I had initially expected. I’m not really experienced with the way “The Ports” work, and I’m only marginally more experienced with the way the internals of Emacs work, but today I am in the very happy position to say:

FreeBSD’s emacs-devel port has been updated to a snapshot from the CVS repository of Emacs, checked out at: 2006. (the timestamp is in UTC)

As usual, many thanks go to Andrey Slusar (anray), for acting as a proxy between me and the FreeBSD ports/ tree, checking my changes for bugs and being fast to act and reply.

Happy Emacs hacking fellow FreeBSD’ers :-)