editors/emacs-devel updated to 2006.

As of 2006/09/02 16:03:28 UTC, the editors/emacs-devel port of FreeBSD has been updated to:


This is a version checked out from a local mirror of the CVS repository of GNU Emacs, using:

% cvs -qR up -APd -D '2006.'

The excellent news of this update is that with the help of Andrey Slusar (anray), who found a fix for a build problem of emacs-devel on FreeBSD 4.11, this is the first version of the emacs-devel port that is expected to build without problems on FreeBSD 4.X, 5.X, 6.X and 7.0-CURRENT!

Way to go Andrey, and thanks again for committing my update to the port :-)