GNU Emacs 22 (pretest)

Emacs has been in “pretest” mode for quite a while now. I haven’t updated the emacs-devel port of FreeBSD for quite a while, but I plan to roll a new snapshot of the the port, which installs from the official pretest tarball of Emacs 22 this weekend, and then another one which installs from a newer CVS snapshot shortly after.

Here’s the obligatory screenshot of GNU Emacs, running inside an xterm window:

Emacs (xterm)

and here’s a larger snapshot of Emacs, running as an X11 application, with an instance of Gnus running in offline mode, reading posts from comp.unix.programmer:

Emacs (X11)

Stay tuned for the next editors/emacs-devel port update, and a huge array of fixes since last September — the last time I have updated the port (shame on me) :-)