hg.hellug.gr installation update and recent commits

It’s been more than a month since I posted anything. I blame my day job for keeping me busy with interesting stuff, and the heat of the summer for making me lazy :-)

I’ve just finished updating the Mercurial installation of http://hg.hellug.gr to a recent build of a Mercurial Crew branch spinoff. The version I installed was built from changeset 327c16a117fe from mercurial/gker.

Some of the new and exciting stuff in this Mercurial snapshot are:

  • Now the default view of a repository is the “shortlog” mode
  • The font size is not forcibly reduced in shortlog output. The new hgweb templates use whatever you have selected in your browser as the default font size, which is very very cool. It was kind of annoying to constantly switch between font sizes to find one that was pleasing. Now that’s fixed.

On the FreeBSD side of Mercurial things, we have now started to use the freebsd/doc-el repository more extensively. More people are sending translations, and I’m still working on integrating most of the doc/el_GR updates to the FreeBSD doc/ tree we keep there, in preparation for a commit to the official CVS tree of FreeBSD.

I still have hundreds of lines of patches to review, but they are already online at freebsd/doc-el, and I am pushing small fixes as I find them.

The emacs/gker patch queue (based on the MQ extension of Mercurial) includes now a posix_memalign() fix which unbreaks GNU Emacs 22.X on FreeBSD 7.X, yay! Tonight I’m testing an update which adds this patch to both editors/emacs and editors/emacs-devel which we will hopefully include in 7.0-RELEASE when it’s out.

Until the next post… “happy hacking” :D