Daily Archives: 2007-09-26

The manual of the LaTeX “memoir” package

After a brief encounter with ConTeXt, and lots of fun preparing a typesetting style which a colleague at Bytemobile liked a lot (so much, in fact, that he actually used it to write a mini-guide sitting on my desk), I have now started reading about the memoir package of LaTeX. Continue reading


Customizations of the color-theme Emacs add-on package

Most of the editing I do on my laptop happens in a single Emacs session these days.

One of my favorite Emacs packages, which I frequently load at startup and leave running is the color-theme package. I am indebted to my friend, Leonidas Tsampros, for having me introduced to color-theme. There’s no need to keep many face font & color customizations in my ~/.emacs file any more. Continue reading