“Mayor of Casterbridge” is freely available online

One of my all-time favorite books, “The Mayor of Casterbridge” by Thomas Hardy, is available freely online, as part of the “Project Gutenberg” collection of literary works.

This is a book which I first read when I was preparing for my FCE exams, around 1992, and after more than 16 years it still ranks high on my list of favorite books. My “Penguin Classics” copy of the Mayor — sitting on a shelf of the home-library — is always there to remind me of the great time I had reading the story, and a humble, solemn reminder that wealth, power and the ever-lasting struggle for more is not a worthy pursuit in life; happiness is not in these things, but in the small, every-day little things which emphasize, strengthen and beautify our human side.

Thank you, Project Gutenberg, for all the effort you have put into making literature and poetry, myths, fairy-tales, stories and legends, even great handbooks available to everyone. A million thanks :-)


3 thoughts on ““Mayor of Casterbridge” is freely available online

  1. atma

    Ski and racing is not one of them though. I know that wealth doesn’t make you happy, but often is comes as an extra price to the gifted. The thing is that we usually waste time counting what we don’t have, taking for granted and worthy what we already have.
    Didn’t read that book, but I just finnished another one, a known Brittish romance called Great Expectations.

  2. keramida Post author

    atma, I think I got it now. Did you really mean to write “granted and worthy” or “granted and worthless”?

    Great Expectations is indeed a nice book. It has been adapted for the big screen too, so if you get a chance watch the movie after having read the book :-)

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