Upcoming Mercurial Event

Now that the web page of the event is up, it’s ok to announce this, I guess.

The OSS team of the University of Piraeus has invited me to talk about the Mercurial SCM.

On November 30, 2007, the OSS team will host two talks about Source Code Management systems:

  • Lampros Papadimitriou will give a presentation about Subversion.
  • Giorgos Keramidas will give a presentation about the Mercurial SCM

If you happen to be near Piraeus that day, and you are interested in version control systems, it may be an interesting event to attend. More information about the event is available online at:


3 thoughts on “Upcoming Mercurial Event

  1. keramida

    “I will be there (UNIPI that is) but unfortunately, I will be in class.”

    Argh! It would have been pretty nice to (finally) meet in person too.

    I plan to stay in Athens for the weekend too, so email me (i.e. at keramida (at) freebsd.org) to arrange something post-event or during the weekend :-)

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