Go Mulberry, go!

In a post which qualifies as “excellent news”, adamo writes that Mulberry is now open source software.

Mulberry is one of the mailers which I liked a lot, but had to stop using because it was unsupported on my favorite platform (FreeBSD, as you probably know, if you are watching this blog for a while now).

The new, shiny, free software version of Mulberry has a homepage of its own at:


The source tree uses tools which UNIX developers are already quite familiar with — Subversion and Trac — so it is fairly easy to grab a copy of the source and start hacking, or to watch the progress of the project, get notified for new releases, and so on.

Mulberry’s Trac pages now list only Windows, MacOS X, and Linux as the supported systems, but I am looking forward to the day we will see FreeBSD listed as a fully supported platform too. There is no reason why Mulberry should be blocked from building natively on FreeBSD, as its dependencies (listed in the current version of the Trac pages) are the following:

  • X11 development package (/usr/include/X11).
  • Xft development package (/usr/include/X11/Xft).
  • Freetype library package (/usr/include/freetype2).
  • flex tool package.
  • openssl development package (/usr/include/openssl or /usr/local/ssl etc).
  • openldap development package (/usr/include/ldap.h etc).
  • kerberos/gssapi development package (/usr/include/gssapi etc).

All the dependencies can be satisfied by a modern FreeBSD installation, so there is definitely a lot of hope. If you are a programmer who enjoys using FreeBSD, and you feel like helping with an effort to port Mulberry to FreeBSD (i.e. by making a “FreeBSD Port” of Mulberry releases, or by submitting patches upstream — to the Mulberry team — to add FreeBSD support in the official tree), then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you, Mulberry team!