hg.hellug.gr update

The installation of Hg in hg.hellug.gr has been updated once more, to a more recent snapshot of the Mercurial Crew branch. Now the web interface at hg.hellug.gr is supported by a backend of the 5573:1b5b81d9039b version of Mercurial and a few changes which I keep in my own branch at the mercurial/gker branch.

The “gker” version which now runs at hg.hellug.gr is:

changeset:   5859:6734ab0be35d
tag:         tip
user:        Giorgos Keramidas 
date:        Sun Dec 02 21:06:39 2007 +0200
summary:     Added signature for changeset e716db1843bb

If you notice any problems with the web interface at hg.hellug.gr, please let me know by posting an email to keramida at hellug.gr.