OSS event #2 – Subversion and Mercurial

As threatened in an older post, the OSS team of the University of Piraeus pulled off yet another successful event two days ago. This event was dedicated to Source Code Management tools, and there were two presentations: first a presentation about Subversion (by Lampros Papadimitriou), and then a second presentation, about Mercurial, by yours truly.

The slides of each presentation are now online at the event homepage, and you can download both presentations in PDF format from the following locations:

After a frantic trip to Athens, because I had been working until very very late the night before, I really enjoyed seeing all the people who attended the presentations. I had a chance to meet with old friends, and get to know in person new ones. I sort of expected more questions about Mercurial, after the presentations were finished, but it seems that I somehow managed to make a slide show which was far too big for the time we had, and surprisingly included a lot of details.

Saturday was a day of rest, and leisurly walks near the center of Athens, and on Sunday morning I started on my way back.

Many thanks to the OSS team of UniPi, for their efforts to get the weekly events going and I hope we meet again in many more weekly events.

Keep it going, guys!