FreeBSD Greek documentation mailing list

From the headquarters of the FreeBSD Greek Documentation team — my bedroom in Patras — we bring you…

The FreeBSD Greek documentation mailing list

Thanks to HELLUG we now have a new mailing list, to coordinate the translations effort for the FreeBSD Greek Documentation Project. The board of HELLUG has approved hosting the mailing list to the mail server, and Thanasis Kyritsis created the mailing list earlier today.

Everyone interested in the discussion for the Greek translations is welcome to join. The mailing list is called freebsd-doc-el and you can subscribe by pointing your favorite web browser at:

There are multiple advantages in using a mailing list, instead of sending personal email around. Some of them, but not realy an exchaustive list, are:

  • Automated email archiving
  • It is easier for new people to join, lurk around a bit and start contributing useful bits to the discussions
  • Now it’s harder to “forget” about something. It is publically archived, and we can go back later and see what we haven’t responded to

It’s also really nice to have a single email address, which we can publish among our team as a contact point. Having to manually remember all the team members, each time a new post has to be made has started getting a bit “old” now that we have more than a couple of people working on the translations.

Thank you HELLUG!