A nice article about dVCS in the Enterprise

Bryan W Taylor posted a very intriguing writeup a bit earlier, titled:

`The Need for Distributed Version Control in the Enterprise

There are a few points of the article that seem a bit controversial. For instance, I am not sure I totally agree with the comments abouts “feature scoped” development.

On the other hand, I found the explanation about the advantages of distributed version control systems (dVCS) in the enterprise quite good. A few of the great aspects of the article are:

  • There is an excellent description of how peer-to-peer development can boost productivity
  • Some of the bad things about using the One True Central place for all commits are described, without falling for the temptation to bad mouth Subversion too much
  • Merge tracking is described in passing, and some of the reasons why it is a Good Thing(TM) are listed
  • Bryan also mentions some of the pains of working in a really parallel style of development, with multiple active branches at the same time
  • A fairly objective description of what is good about Git and Mercurial is included; good points and potential shortcomings of both systems are listed

I really liked his post.

Thanks, Bryan

3 thoughts on “A nice article about dVCS in the Enterprise

  1. Michael Iatrou

    IMHO this article does not describe anything new and it doesn’t provide a different perspective of known facts, for an enthusiast of dVCS.
    On the other hand, it doesn’t provide enough arguments (using the appropriate rhetoric and facts in terms of numbers) so I can just walk into my
    manager’s/coworkers office with a print-out of it and the next thing I know is the whole team migrating to GIT/Mercurial.

    Actually, I am only aware of a single source that may help for such a task and that is http://better-scm.berlios.de/. I am also really interested in the results of the FreeBSD code base migration project, which — thanks for that — you let me know that is under investigation. Hopefully you guys will write an extensive report for that ;-)

  2. keramida Post author

    A single blot post is very unlikely to serve as a convincing collection of arguments for a manager. A Blog post that covers the full breath of business and development reasons why a dVCS may be actually a good idea for an enterprise is likely to be very large, and probably a bit boring for a weblog.

    An article, like the one Eric Raymond is currently working on, and a collection of features like those http://better-scm.berlios.de/ stand a better chance of convincing people.

  3. Michael Iatrou

    Indeed, you are right about the constraints of a blog post. I tend to think of the medium (blog) as a publishing tool, which doesn’t imply a specific form. A perspective which, pragmatically, is not true. :-)

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