Congratulations to “Kathimerini”

Today’s edition of “Kathimerini” ([Wikipedia], official website [greek], official site [english]) deserves many congratulations. The economic section of the newspaper includes an article about phishing attacks. The topic of the article is well worth our praise, because it brings an important security issue to the frontlines of a very popular weekly edition of the newspaper. Thousands of people read Kathimerini’s Sunday edition. Many of the readers will undoubtedly notice that Kathimerini mentions phishing. A percentage of these readers will try to find out more about phishing attacks, how they work, why they work, and that’s certainly a very good thing.

There is, however, one very fine point about the article that is even more important.

The author of the article chose to write (translated to English for this post):

One or more crackers are usually behind this sort of attack (please note that crackers have nothing in common with hackers).

Many thanks to the reporter who wrote this part. As a long-time “UNIX hacker”, I am grateful to the writer who originally thought of making this clarification. I appreciate the editor’s good will that allowed this small but vastly important detail to reach the press. I extend my thanks to the layout designer who decided to reserve frontpage space for this article, and its accompanying clarification that “crackers” are not the same sort of people like “hackers”.

It’s amazing!


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