Daily Archives: 2008-04-13

NADD? Uhm, yeah, you bet…

I don’t know if i’m happy or sad that “NADD” rings a bell.


Yeah, I know it’s old. In internet time, five years is something like going back to the Stone Age, to see how people fought when all they had was pretty cool sharpened granite axes.

I’m just a bit worried that reading the post sounded familiar :)


Expiring vs. editing articles in Gnus

I’ve been using Gnus running inside GNU Emacs for my main email and news reader for a few weeks now. It has been a rather pleasing ride so far, and I am only now beginning to appreciate the infinite configurability and customizability that a Lisp based mailer offers.

One of the first things I wanted to tweak was the default keys for expiring and editing articles. A little background information may be useful before we go into the details of how the default keys can be tweaked. Continue reading