UTF-8 support in Gnus

It’s amusing once in a while to skim through the subjects of spam messages in my “mail.junk” folder. With Gnus running in UTF-8 mode, I can even read the text as you can see in

Spam in Gnus

The same folder is slightly less readable in text-only mode:

Spam messages in text-only mode

Now, you may be wondering why anyone would really want to actually see the text of spam message subjects. One reason why I tried this small experiment was that spam messages are commonly written in all sorts of bizarre or even broken ways. If Gnus managed to display these weird posts, that would be cool. It would be cool, because it would mean that Gnus in UTF-8 mode (under X11, not a plain xterm window) actually groks UTF-8 text and does the “right thing” with multiple languages in the same summary buffer.

Well… it does. Yay for the UTF-8 support of Gnus :-)

Update: A few hours later, the following showed up in my “mail.junk” folder too:

More interesting spam

I can’t really read Japanese, but it’s pretty amusing that Gnus can display almost any language the spammers throw its way :-)


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