Speed typing test

References: http://stsimb.irc.gr/2008/04/23/i-type/

66 words

I “cheated” in a way, because I went through the test 10 times, deleted the worst and best case numbers, and then averaged the rest of the results… but that was fun :)


3 thoughts on “Speed typing test

  1. Nuclear

    I took a stab at it with my new macbook’s keyboard which has the most wonderful key response and “feel” I’ve met on a laptop so far. By using the same method as you (10 times, remove best and worst) I got a mean of 65 words/m :) The range was [61, 69].

    Close but no cigar… I’ll see if I can beat you with my IBM Model-M keyboard when I return home @ athens in a couple of days :)

  2. koki

    Είναι προσόν αυτό;
    Δυστυχώς κι εγώ πήγα εξαιρετικά καλά στο τεστ, κοντά στις 70.

  3. Antonis

    Although I only touch-type for 1.5 years, I averaged 76 words (I think that this also justifies my choice to pick the hard way of learning touch-typing in dvorak rather than in qwerty :))

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