Fedora 9 release party at Patras

Dimitris and his Fedora friends are organizing a release party for Fedora 9 today (Saturday, May 17 2008).

Fedora 9 release party poster

All the “usual suspects” of Patras’ free software and open source “scene” are going to be there. Slackware enthusiasts, Debian fans, Ubuntu folks, and FreeBSD people. After all, every success of an open source project means we can all party, because our philosophy about FS/OSS works fine and it has cool results to show.

There’s no limit to the number of people who can attend, except perhaps for the practical limit of how many people can be in “Cinema” at the same time. If we actually manage to overflow “Cinema” though, then the party is going to be a huge success.

See you all there, in a few hours :-)