Monthly Archives: August 2008

BSD make on other systems

The topic of using a “BSD make” on other systems seems to pop up now and then. I haven’t really finished the automake-based ‘port’ of FreeBSD make that I started some time ago, but seeing that others are interested too is a bit nice. A recent post by Chuck Robey to the freebsd-arch mailing list brought up the issue again. Continue reading

Interesting times ahead for FreeBSD

Ed Schouten’s MPSAFE-tty layer is now in the main tree of FreeBSD, but it i only one of the active projects which run in parallel. The excellent news is that the MPSAFE-tty layer brings down by one the count of kernel subsystems that require the big Giant lock for running within the threaded FreeBSD kernel. There are only a few more, i.e. the USB stack. Removing the requirement for Giant from some of the remaining Giant-dependent subsystems is already part of ongoing work. Continue reading

Ed Schouten commits new MPSAFE tty layer

After a long time of developing the code in Perforce, posting patches for review, patching userland application to remove explicit gropping into the “tty internals”, working with other committers to enhance, test and then test a bit more, Ed Schouten has committed his new MPSAFE tty layer to the FreeBSD kernel:

This removes one of the last remaining barriers of running with a completely “Giant-free” kernel.

Thank you Ed :-)

Tweaking shell-script indentation in GNU Emacs

The default indentation levels of GNU Emacs for the case statements of sh(1) scripts (and derivative or compatible shells) are a bit smal for my taste (4 columns). This makes case statements in shell scripts look almost “ok”, but I don’t like the small indentation for the rest of my scripts. Continue reading