Good luck, Christina Applegate

From the teen-idols-of-my-times department:

American actress Christina Applegate [imdb] has been diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer.

There isn’t really much to say or write about something like this, other than “good luck, and best wishes for a full, and speedy recovery” :-/

7 thoughts on “Good luck, Christina Applegate

  1. Benigna Marko

    Praying for you Christina. Loved you in Married with Children, Sammantha Who and all other shows you have appeared. Your strength is your worth. Keep being strong. Pray.
    Benigna Marko

  2. Jenny

    I saw you on GMA this morning and want to say “you are so brave”!!! My mother had breasy cancer at 31 and I am now 50. I have my check up’s and mamogram every year since I was 35, and praying I dont have the gene. Again, you are so brave to make the decicion you made and to tell the world about it. You are an inspiration !!!

  3. Bill

    I am a big fan and beyond that, I just wish you the best of luck. I know people who have had breast cancer and other types of cancer. Very scary for me, but perhaps i’m not as strong as those people.
    You stay strong, determined, and healthy. Looking forward to many, many more years of being your fan.

  4. kimhardie

    DearChristina, You are in my prayers. Iam a survivor!! I had a bilateral mastectomy 4yrs ago, with reconstrction (free flap) I have never regretted my decision! I too, thought it was the most logical decision. My mother was not as fortunate as I am. she passed away 12 years ago but lived 10 years. I was alwaya vigillant with exams and mammaagrams. but founf the lump myself. I made all my girlfriends on my tennis team feel it!! so they would know!! My husband has been great thru it all!! good luck girl!!!! kim

  5. Bob

    Christina, with an outlook like yours, you will truly enjoy your life despite your recent challenge. My wife is a ten year survivor…I learned so much about breast cancer, support, and most importantly “attitude” during that time. I have never heard a woman as accepting and postitive about the future after cancer than you and pray that it is infectious to others. I wish you tremendous personal and professional success in the future and hope that you get your chance to show ’em off at age 90. You are to be admired.

  6. Nick edwards

    Hello- i found these posts on my phone-was looking for somewhere to blog(ccmment)with the hope that christina may see my comment. So here goes- Christina-you are the definition of “dream girl”. Since the first time i saw “mwc” i thought you were great-for the obvious reasons. Since then i have grown to appreciate you in so many ways. I cannot put into words how i feel whenever i see your face or hear your name-my admiration for you is immeasurable- i feel as if we are old friends. I know you are busy-and you get these compliments all the time-but i truly hope this note will lift your spirits. You lift mine often-without even trying! You are loved- always Nick

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