Daily Archives: 2008-09-22

How I Some Times Fail

From: keramida
Subject: Patience with Windows users, or “How I some times fail”
References: http://blog.postmaster.gr/2006/09/22/onewebday-2/, http://blog.postmaster.gr/2008/09/22/onewebday-3/

Adamo mentioned in passing, while writing about this year’s OneWeb day, that he really dislikes being asked to “fix” Word.

My involvement with computers started some time in late 1993, and I have been in the same place far too many times. The overwhelming majority of acquaintances and members of my wider family don’t really understand what “I am trying to work as a computer programmer” means. They also assume that if you “work with computers” you are, by definition, the best person to ask about Microsoft® Word™ or about that little flashy MSN emoticon set they are trying to install on Microsoft Windows. Continue reading