Short summary and photos: Athens Digital Week 2008

I just came back from “Athens Digital Week 2008” and finished uploading some of the pictures I took while in Athens:

The talks at “Technopolis” were amazing. There were people coming and going all the time; I am very glad I saw many of the “usual gang“; the talks about security and wireless networking were quite intriguing; and our own talks seem to have attracted quite a few questions about free software, open source, the way Linux and the BSDs work, and so on.

The first talk we had about FreBSD was in the “Free and OS Communities in Greece”. Coordinated by Nikos Vasilakos, this part of the talks was a bit stretched for time, but I did get a good chance of presenting the Greek FreeBSD Documentation work in a short 5-10 minute talk. The PDF slides I used for the presentation are freely available online at:

After 18:00 we started the second free and open source software panel: “The OS of the Future”. I am really proud that I finally got to meet prof. Diomidis Spinellis during this panel session. It was an honour to talk in an event where he was the coordinator of the panel for the Operating System of the Future. Especially since we are both active committers in FreeBSD :)

The slides from this (second) FreeBSD presentation are a very short form of the Greek version of “How the FreeBSD Project Works” that I have been updating and re-shaping for Greek events. They are available online at: [1]

The OS panel included talks and Q-A sessions about Mac OS X, Windows 7, Linux, FreeBSD and a bonus entry for AmigaOS 4.1! We finished the talks some time after 20:00 and then Max Spevack talked about Fedora and various freedom, software, legal and politically-related issues surrounding the work of the free software and open source software world.

Around 22:30, after thanking our hosts, we left for dinner.

The photos I managed to take before, during and after the talks have been uploaded at:

Note to readers: I didn’t get photos of the FreeBSD talks, because I was on stage, but if you happen to read this and you managed to grab a few shots, please let me know or email me the pictures. My email address is: keramida (at) freebsd (dot) org.

— —  Notes — —
[1] Both slide sets can also be downloaded in a Mercurial “bundle” file from The bundle includes the XeLaTeX sources of the slides, a snapshot of the free DejaVu fonts I used to typeset them, the screenshots and other images shown in the slides, and a short set of BSD-style quickly-hacked makefiles to re-build everything from scratch.


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  1. Manolis

    Looks like you had a lot of fun!
    From the amount of slides, I guess the presentations were very short, but I am sure they were exactly to the point…

    There is at least one photo of you presenting the Project:

    Athens Digital Week

    and hopefully more will be uploaded.

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