Oddmuse Wiki in Greek

The Oddmuse Wiki engine has been updated by Alex, to include support for the Greek language.

When I started using the Oddmuse Wiki for my personal notes a while back, I was impressed by the easy installation steps, and the collection of supported Oddmuse extensions. Now that the Greek language support I prepared has been committed to the main Oddmuse repository I am very pleased that Greek people can install their own fully localized version of the Oddmuse Wiki engine.

Oddmuse is one of the Wiki engines that are simple to install, easy to use, and very customizable. If you happen to install the Greek translation of Oddmuse, and you find anything that is mistranslated, or some string whose translation can be improved, please feel free to drop me a note at one of my email addresses.


4 thoughts on “Oddmuse Wiki in Greek

  1. keramida Post author

    A single Perl-based file is used to configure most of Oddmuse. The options supported by the core script are documented online at the Oddmuse wiki itself.

    A few good starting points are:

    Oddmuse:Script Setup — a mini guide about Oddmuse configuration
    Oddmuse:Security Considerations — some security notes for writing Perl code in the configuration file
    Oddmuse:Extensions — a list of extensions; Perl modules that can add new functionality or customize the appearance, behavior and features of Oddmuse

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