Announcement: FreeBSD 7.1 Release

The FreeBSD 7.1 release is out!

Ken Smith has posted the official email announcement of 7.1-RELEASE earlier today:

This is a minor release in the 7.X branch of FreeBSD development, but it includes many bug fixes, improvements, and a few nice new features:

  • The ULE scheduler is now the default thread scheduler for the GENERIC kernel on the 32-bit i386 and the 64-bit amd64 machine architectures.
  • The DTrace dynamic kernel tracing framework has been imported from OpenSolaris and the FreeBSD Handbook has been updated to document DTrace usage on FreeBSD.
  • The cpuset API has been backported from the CURRENT development branch, and it is now possible to fine tune processor binding for program threads.
  • ISC BIND has been updated to version 9.4.2-P2.
  • Sendmail has been updated from version 8.14.2 to version 8.14.3.
  • Many updates to userland tools have been backported from the CURRENT branch. For a full list of the improvements and bug fixes see the 7.1 release notes.
  • The kernel dump facility now supports a new textdump format of kernel dumps. A textdump provides higher-level information via mechanically generated/extracted debugging output, rather than a simple memory dump. This facility can be used to generate brief kernel bug reports that are rich in debugging information, but are not dependent on kernel symbol tables or precisely synchronized source code.
  • One of the most exciting changes in this release is the availability of a DVD ISO image! Ken has updated the release building bits in the official source tree of FreeBSD, making it possible to roll DVD images. This is the first release of the 7.X branch that is made available as a DVD image.

For a more complete list of new features and known problems, please see the online release notes and errata list, available at:

The 7.1 release marks an important milestone in the 7.X release series. It is the continuation of the excellent 7.0 release, one of the most stable and performing release of FreeBSD. We hope that the improvements of the 7.1 release make it an even more attractive platform for our userbase.

Happy upgrading and enjoy the latest FreeBSD 7.X release!


4 thoughts on “Announcement: FreeBSD 7.1 Release

  1. keramida Post author

    CortexLINUX: well, you know what they say “use what works for you”.

    This applies both ways: (1) If Linux works better for what you are currently doing, and you don’t have a special need for ZFS or DTrace, it’s ok to use Linux, and (2) if you really need ZFS or DTrace, porting existing work from Linux to BSD is often possible, making the switch both appealing and easier than, say, moving from Linux to Windows.

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