Fedora for Friends

A friend, who works in a local cafe, has been having major problems with an Acer laptop running Windows. The description of the problems was, unsurprisingly something to the effect of “It seems to have been infected by dozens of viruses. Using the laptop feels sluggish and annoying when it is not outright unacceptable.”

Friends don’t let their friends use Windows, so I prepared a Fedora 10 installation this afternoon, on a brand new 2.5″ hard disk, to replace the Windows installation:

Fedora 10 Desktop

One of the upcoming days, when we both have some spare time, we will sit down in front of my own laptop, running the new and freshly updated Fedora installation to try Linux for the first time.

Wish me luck in my Linux advocacy attempt. I hope all goes well :-)


11 thoughts on “Fedora for Friends

  1. keramida Post author

    Noted… I will notify the core team that we now have to declare BSD dead and replace the OS of our laptops with Linux Mint :P

  2. Themis

    Oh, I have been misunderstood. This is the point I am supposed to say “mint the gap”, I guess..

  3. mperedim

    Keramida confirms; FreeBSD is … wait a minute :-P

    I installed F10 on my NC10 last night. Booted from a USB stick (kindly provided by Dimitri) and had a linux system up within 15′. Everything just worked (including wireless and bluetooth) and the default desktop seems quite polished. The installation was a little spartan with the applications installed but with yum (or any graphical package manager for friends not well versed in the ancient ways of the command line) and the inclusion of Extras in the “Everything” collection since F7 … almost “everything” (*) is just a command (or a click) away.

    Not certain how you ended up choosing F10 but if my impressions count for something it’s probably a fair choice.

    (*) Not as much of “everything” as in the FreeBSD ports or the Debian APT repos but enough of everything for good friends.

  4. Evaggelos Balaskas

    why did you decide in the first place to install an unsupported OS other than the one the vendor had already installed in the machine?

    I believe that Windows Home Edition was perfect as is.

  5. keramida Post author

    I’ve been busy most of the day with offline work, and just saw the comments. Boy, did I ever expect to stir such a wide range of responses? :)

    adamo: I went for Fedora for all the reasons mperedim described, but also for a few more. Fedora is easy enough to install for someone who is not a programmer, not interested in programming, and have never seen a UNIX system before.
    It is still UNIXy under the hood though, so whenever they feel like it they can poke sticks at the low level details and see how things work.

    mperedim: Thanks. That’s a fairly well written mini review of F10 :)

    ebal:Oh, for all the usual reasons:

    (1) Windows installation on the laptop freaked out. Owner not certain if they have official Windows CD-ROMs, or recovery CD-ROMs, or any other form of installable Windows media.

    (2) “Supported OS” is a joke if you have to pay around EUR 100 to have your laptop formatted. That’s not support, it is akin to throwing a nuclear bomb at a country because a mouse has been seen somewhere in it.

    (3) Freedom from viruses. Everybody is sick of having to deal with viruses in Windows. There are just some of us who don’t care enough about Microsoft’s livelihood to spend any amount of time chasing the latest antivirus fad. One of them is me.

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