Emacs 23.0.90 pretest in FreeBSD Ports

Chong Yidong announced the first pretest of Emacs 23.X last night.


This is the first pretest release of Emacs 23.X and it includes many improvements over Emacs 22.X.

  • Emacs now can link with libotf to handle complex OpenType font layouts.
  • A new set of default icons is used by Emacs 23.
  • Emacs now supports using both X displays and ttys in one session.
  • Emacs can now start in the background, as a daemon, using the –daemon command line option. In this mode Emacs disconnects from the controlling terminal and starts a background server process. The emacsclient(1) utility can be used to create new tty windows or X frames attached to this background daemon.
  • Transient mark mode is now on by default.
  • C-l” is now bound to the new command recenter-top-bottom, rather than recenter.
  • M-x butterfly” flips the desired bit on the disk platter. See http://xkcd.com/378/
  • linum” is a special mode for displaying line numbers in a buffer, similar to the “set number” command of VI.
  • Many more updates and bug fixes.

The full list of changes that Emacs 23.0.90 includes are described in the file “etc/NEWS” in the source distribution of the pretest release.

This morning I updated the editors/emacs-devel of FreeBSD to install the 23.0.90 pretest version of Emacs. Boris Samorodov picked the update out of the list of submitted patches and committed it to the CVS tree of the FreeBSD Ports collection.

Users who are using emacs-devel on FreeBSD, can now update their port to grab this release of Emacs 23.X.

As the new pkg-message of the port describes, this is an experimental release of Emacs 23.X. The list of new features and bug fixes is impressive, but there may still be problems lurking in the code or even regressions from stable releases.

If you notice anything that is odd, or find something that seems to be a bug, please report it to:

  • My own email address, as listed in the MAINTAINER field of the port makefile. It should be possible to see my email address by running more(1) on the Makefile, or by using the make(1) utility:
    % cd /usr/ports/editors/emacs-devel
    % make -V MAINTAINER
  • Even if the port builds successfully on your system, and it passes all your tests, please feel free to email me and the pretesters mailing list at emacs-pretest-bug@gnu.org.

One of the most important changes in this pretest; one that you should be careful about, and watch out for possible bugs, is the change of the RMAIL mail package from the old Babyl format to UNIX mbox format. This part of Emacs may be less stable than others; for safety, please back up your mail files before trying the new Rmail.


7 thoughts on “Emacs 23.0.90 pretest in FreeBSD Ports

  1. keramida Post author

    abbe, thanks for the successful install report.

    An update was due for some weeks now, but I was waiting for the pretest tarball to be rolled. Now that it’s out I will try to follow with a port update every time a pretest is released.

    Then when 23.1 is officially released, we can fall back to the “CVS snapshot” scheme for emacs-devel and patch editors/emacs to use Emacs 23.1.

    If you have a bit of time, fire up your email client and send to me or the emacs-pretest mailing list the output of:

    # uname -v

    and either a “cool, it works” or a “it mostly works, except for $foo and $bar” note :)

  2. mperedim

    And for some traditional e-macs joking …

    This part of Emacs may be less stable than others [snip]

    So you suggest setting this up in a secondary partition or a 2nd system and not use it as our main O/S for now, right? :-P (sorry couldn’t resist :))

  3. byunghee

    Hi, Keramida! Couple days ago, i sent email to you with success emacs 23 in editors/emacs-devel ;; But still i did not send email to pretest Gnu Emacs team;; Anyway it works fine, now it is my main editor, thanks!

    P.S. By googling emacs stuff, i discovered your personal blog. Sometimes i’ll visit here, bye~


  4. keramida Post author

    Thanks byunghee!

    I seem to have lost or misplaced the original email, but thanks for the encouraging comment here in the blog :-)

    I’m a bit behind schedule with the latest Emacs pretest snapshots, but there’s a small window of time that I may be able to use to update it to a slightly more recent version this week. Have fun with your Emacs installation, and please email me or open a problem report if you notice something odd.

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