FreeBSD doc-el picking up speed

As pleasures go, it is a strange yet somewhat refined one to see a project one has started pick up speed. My fellow translators at the Greek documentation team of FreeBSD have been busy lately, and the result of our collective work is a fairly large number of commits to the “doc-el” repository.

There are now at least four translators actively working on a chapter of their own: Manolis Kiagias, Vaggelis Typaldos, Kyriakos Kentrotis and me. Changesets flow between our repository clones almost every day, and I often find myself pulling patches from two or three places at the same time.

This morning I picked up patches from both Kyriakos and Manolis. Manolis had already integrated with Vaggelis, so pulling from him I also got the translations of Vaggelis. In the meantime, my nightly cron job had finished importing a new snapshot from the official CVS tree, so today’s history graph looks scary:

Greek FreeBSD Translations: Commit History of 28 June 2009

The “surface complexity” of a change history like this may seem scary, but to me it is nothing of the sort. It is, in fact, quite the opposite: something to be proud and happy about, because it shows a lively team, working steadily towards our common goal—a fully translated doc/ tree with a translated, accessible version of the FreeBSD Handbook for Greek users.

It really makes me very happy to see an effort started several years ago gain momentum. My own personal commits are far less than those of the other translators now, and I often find myself in the role of a “patch integrator” instead of actively translating new text. But this is ok, because now we have more people working on the translations so we still get many improvements every day :-)

3 thoughts on “FreeBSD doc-el picking up speed

  1. Randy

    That post actually hit me kinda hard. I use to use FreeBSD and then switched to the Debian/Ubuntu Linux distros but I’ve never been quite as fond of them than the BSD’s. I dwelled on that post for a while, and I felt bad for not giving back to the community. So, I’m giving back to the BSD community thanks to you keramida! I started a FreeBSD Wallpaper site on, and a few other sites, look at

  2. keramida Post author

    Thanks Byung-Hee!

    It’s not a job I could do by working alone, so I will email your comment to the other doc-el people too, if that’s ok :-)

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