Goodbye Old Friend

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Sun Microsystems was the last of the UNIX companies. Its brand and technological expertise has been with us since 1982. Now, after 28 years it becomes part of Oracle.

My first contact with a computer was through a VT220 terminal, connected through a terminal server to a SunOS server. So it is with a bit of sadness that I see the name of “Sun” go away.

Let’s hope that there is a lot in a name, but there is even more in the people who are behind the name; that we will keep seeing technological advances like those that Sun has brought to the world of computing; that the name of “Sun” may be gone but the spirit of quality, technical and design excellence, the well-thought out customer support and the ever-present drive to push our overall computing experience to new frontiers will stay with us.


5 thoughts on “Goodbye Old Friend

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  2. Saifi Khan

    The Sun has set.

    What does that bode for the future of UNIX ?

    Any observations as to what FreeBSD should do to get to the number one position among Open Source operating systems ?

    Btw, i started with CDC Cyber 910 and later DEC Alpha.

    Look forward to reading your views.

    Saifi Khan.

    1. keramida Post author

      Thank you for the comments Saifi,

      FreeBSD’s goal is not necessarily “to become number one”, but we do have an explicit and public goal of providing a high-quality source base for a UNIX-like system that is reasonably standard, well engineered and carefully designed, freely available under an unencumbered license, with an experienced team to back it up.

      We do strive to foster and grow a community of UNIX developers who value the same high standards our team already has. We also welcome all sorts of contributions in a variety of forms.

      I don’t know if this is enough to be the number one open source operating system, but it all seems to be a successful project, one that is useful to many people.

      Having said all that, I am sure the Solaris developers feel the same passion and driving enthusiasm when they work on their own OS. I have personally chatted through Usenet, email and IRC with several Solaris developers. Hence I know from first-hand experience that they also love working on Solaris, and that they are knowledge-able, helpful and all around wonderful folks.

      So I will not try to extrapolate from the news about Sun’s acquisition anything about FreeBSD world domination. We all like developing our systems; we should keep doing that and history will attend to itself :-)

  3. Eugene Kaili

    Hi, firstly, I would like to note that I think it’s a amazing blog you got here. What I wanted to ask is, I haven’t understood the way to add your site rss or atom in my feed subscriber – where’s the link to your rss feed? Thanks

    1. Giorgos Keramidas

      Hello Eugene,

      You can add the following URL to your RSS feed aggregator:

      This should let you watch for new posts. Every page on my weblog has a “Meta” section in the right-hand sidebar. You can use the links in that section to access feeds for the posts themselves (the “Entries RSS” link), or for new comments (the “Comments RSS” link).

      I’m glad you like the current posts. Thanks for the kind words :-)

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