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The Adobe Caslon font

One of the fonts I recently discovered and started enjoying a lot is Adobe Caslon. Here’s a small sample of what it looks at 600 dpi, rendered from XeLaTeX. The text sample is from “Advice to Little Girls”, a humorous short story written by Mark Twain in 1867.

Adobe Caslon sample (600 dpi)

The more I look at text typeset with Caslon the more I like the round, elegant shapes of the characters (despite the “serif” style of the font); the beautiful ligatures of “ff”, “fi”, and “fl”; the clear-cut serifs of the upper part of high glyphs; the punctuation marks that stand out out with their brightly distinct shapes (note the full stop characters, the commas, and the quotation marks near “chewing-gum”).


FOSSCOMM finished, keramida pleased :)

As I promised at Last afternoon’s post from the FOSSCOMM presentation room, here’s a short write up of the , relatively short, but good times we had in NTUA this weekend.

After a bit of a late session at work on Friday, I managed to get about 3-4 hours of sleep at about 02:00am. At about 06:30 I left Patras, and after an uneventful trip I arrived at the FOSSCOMM room at about 13:30 (travelling by bus is, apparently, not very time-efficient). Continue reading