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Mercurial command demo: hg verify

One of the wonderful commands that Mercurial support is the “verify” command. Running this command in a Mercurial workspace goes through the backing store of the repository and makes sure that the history and contents of the versioned files are not corrupt, missing or otherwise in a “bad” state.

An example of how you can use this Mercurial command is described here. Continue reading

doc-el gets commit email notifications

We have enabled commit email in the main freebsd/doc-el repository as of today :-)
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A bunch of updates for the Greek FreeBSD/doc translations

Translations of technical documentation from English to Greek are a relatively difficult task. It takes a certain level of attention to detail and a fairly good command of both languages. Then there is the minor issue of keeping the translations up to date with their English counterparts. Continue reading

One of the reasons why X11 rocks

My Toshiba Satellite U200-XXX laptop died recently (as in two days ago). While setting up a replacement laptop, which I bought from the local “Plaisio Computers” store, I realized that I was looking for the left Alt key and kept constantly hitting the left “Windows” key. I had immediately replaced the Windows Vista installation of the laptop with a dump(8) / restore(8) of my original laptop’s FreeBSD installation, so I have no particular use for a “Windows” key. Continue reading

Mercurial 1.0 Released

Mercurial 1.0 is out!


Mercurial SCM has reached an important milestone. The release of Mercurial 1.0 marks the first 1.X release of Mercurial; one that many people were waiting for to give Mercurial a try. Continue reading

A nice article about dVCS in the Enterprise

Bryan W Taylor posted a very intriguing writeup a bit earlier, titled:

`The Need for Distributed Version Control in the Enterprise

There are a few points of the article that seem a bit controversial. For instance, I am not sure I totally agree with the comments abouts “feature scoped” development. Continue reading

.scm subdirs

I just stumbled upon an interesting Subversion bug.

Issue 707 on the bug tracker of Subversion is now several years old. It seems to be related to one of my personal pet peeves with Subversion: the use of `.svn’ subdirectories everywhere. Continue reading