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The Adobe Caslon font

One of the fonts I recently discovered and started enjoying a lot is Adobe Caslon. Here’s a small sample of what it looks at 600 dpi, rendered from XeLaTeX. The text sample is from “Advice to Little Girls”, a humorous short story written by Mark Twain in 1867.

Adobe Caslon sample (600 dpi)

The more I look at text typeset with Caslon the more I like the round, elegant shapes of the characters (despite the “serif” style of the font); the beautiful ligatures of “ff”, “fi”, and “fl”; the clear-cut serifs of the upper part of high glyphs; the punctuation marks that stand out out with their brightly distinct shapes (note the full stop characters, the commas, and the quotation marks near “chewing-gum”).


Then vs. Than

Scribd has many online books. I try to read at least one book every week. Starting to read a new book is always fun. The sense of anticipation builds up while the search for a new book is still in progress. The novelty of the new text reaches out of the first few pages, trying to grab my attention. Then there are times that something like the following jumps out of the page to annoy me:

Object-oriented programming is the current cure-all — although it has been around for much more then ten years. At the core, there is little more to it then finally applying the good programming principles which we have been taught for more then twenty years.

— Object Oriented Programming in C

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