Flash Support for BSD, step #1

Press Release Newswire hosts a press release of iXsystems about the PC-BSD system which is absolutely marvellous news.

The next version of PC-BSD will include a Flash-enabled web browser by default.

This is a great step forward, and very good news for all BSD systems. The Linux compatibility layer of FreeBSD will be used for the initial PC-BSD Flash support, but now that the ball is rolling there may also be hope for a full, native port of Flash on the BSD systems too. Kudos to iXsystems, for playing such an important role in this :-)


2 thoughts on “Flash Support for BSD, step #1

  1. Leonidas Tsampros

    Surely a very nice addition… It would be also nice if we had a meta-port taking all the appropriate steps in setting-up such a flash-enabled browser in FreeBSD too.

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