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Slowly but Steadily Getting There

The Greek FreeBSD translation team has been working on and off on the Greek translation of the FreeBSD documentation set for a long time now. We started getting a lot of commit actions when Manolis joined the team, and he is now an undisputed “overlord” of the Greek Handbook. Continue reading


Short summary and photos: Athens Digital Week 2008

I just came back from “Athens Digital Week 2008” and finished uploading some of the pictures I took while in Athens:


The talks at “Technopolis” were amazing. There were people coming and going all the time; I am very glad I saw many of the “usual gang“; the talks about security and wireless networking were quite intriguing; and our own talks seem to have attracted quite a few questions about free software, open source, the way Linux and the BSDs work, and so on. Continue reading

Interesting times ahead for FreeBSD

Ed Schouten’s MPSAFE-tty layer is now in the main tree of FreeBSD, but it i only one of the active projects which run in parallel. The excellent news is that the MPSAFE-tty layer brings down by one the count of kernel subsystems that require the big Giant lock for running within the threaded FreeBSD kernel. There are only a few more, i.e. the USB stack. Removing the requirement for Giant from some of the remaining Giant-dependent subsystems is already part of ongoing work. Continue reading

Building bootable FreeBSD images

Warner Losh posted an excellent mini-guide for building bootable FreeBSD/i386 images a while back.

I’m not very fond of web browsers, in general, so I copied the text and uploaded the copy at:


in plain ASCII text format…

Thanks, Warner!