Athens Digital Week 2008

From: keramida
Subject: Athens Digital Week 2008

Everything is ready, so I’m going to leave for Athens to attend the “Athens Digital Week 2008” event tomorrow. Two short presentations have been prepared, and sent to the organizers. I am not sure if we will have a lot of time to present both of them, but we can definitely try.

The topics of the short talks and their accompanying presentation material are:

  • “The FreeBSD Project”
  • “The Greek FreeBSD Documentation Team”

What is absolutely amazing though is that two out of three of the current Greek FreeBSD Committer population are going to be there. Manolis is probably too far to reach us in time for the event, but prof. Diomidis Spinellis and me will be there. Yay!


5 thoughts on “Athens Digital Week 2008

  1. Manolis

    Pity I won’t be able to join you in this one :(
    We should arrange to meet at a later date (hopefully not as late as FOSSCOMM2)

  2. keramida Post author

    Watching the “wireless security” presentation just now… Manolis, it would be nice to have all three FreeBSD committers in one place, but we’ll have to arrange another meeting some time later I guess :)

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